Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Creativity at Gowdavalli ZP Government High School


6th, 7th, 9th and 10th class students of Gowdavalli Zilla Parishat Government High School, about 45 KM from Hyderabad, swung into action the minute I walked into the class room to conduct creativity workshop.

Young minds were beaming with enthusiasm and were just waiting for my instructions.  The students got newspapers, straws, tape, scissors, thread etc. for the workshop.  I suggested building a water tank or a college building.  Some students came up with their own plans.  They wanted to build park, parrot cage, temple, a small town, etc.  I encouraged them to think independently and go ahead with their plans.

They were really engrossed in the entire workshop.  The teachers were very supportive.  I was really amazed at the imaginary and creative skills of the students.  Though some of the groups were short of material, they all managed to outsmart each other and came up with unique and creative concepts.  They managed to do it in the allotted time and with the limited resources and material.  A student presented me a greeting card made up of pulses.  To me it was a gold medal presented by a future innovator of India.

These students proved that they are second to none when it comes to creativity and innovation.  I requested the principal and the teachers to encourage the students.  I suggested them to present some of the challenges confronting the village and let the students come up with creative ideas to solve the problems.  You never know how these young minds from rural areas will amaze the entire world.  They need to be encouraged.  They are our future.  They have to be carefully nurtured. Some of them will surprise the world with the creativity and innovation. Unfortunately I have limited bandwidth to take up more such activities.  I will do my best; though I know what I am doing is not sufficient.  My quest will continue. There are many individuals who are encouraging creativity in government run schools.  It has to spread across the country and it has to be sustained on a continual basis.

Please take few moments and admire the creativity of the Gowdavalli ZP Government School children.    


  1. Excellent job Ravi. I admire your passion. Don't worry about your resources, you plan what is required and resources will appear. Put forth a proposal or plan and list out what is required (including voluteers, etc.) and get ready to be amazed. Thank you for posting this on the blog.

  2. Ravi Good Job, I wlii assist you to increase the bandwidth
    Go ahead
    Raju LK

  3. Great Ravi. The show must go on irrespective of the outcome