Sunday, 4 August 2013

Creative Children At KGNM Trust


The Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust (KGNMT) at Hydersha Kote, Hyderabad, AP, India is an abode for destitute women and children. The center is providing training to women in various categories of self-help skills such as Tailoring Embroidery, Textile block printing, Biscuit-making, Bakery, Confectioneries and Condiments etc.  Currently the trust has about 130 members whose age ranges from 6 months to 70 years. Of these 130 members, about 40 members are students.  These students are attending schools and colleges.

A creativity workshop was conducted for these students.  The results were very fascinating.  The members freely expressed their ideas and demonstrated their talent.  As usual, I was astonished at their creative ideas. This is a special workshop unlike other school workshops, considering the trauma and hardships of the inmates. This workshop certainly worked as a morale booster.  It boosted their subdued creative spirits and increased cohesiveness.  We have to inject the confidence required for them to join the main stream of the society.  They need support and encouragement.  The support does not necessarily mean monetary support.  They must get the feeling that their voice and ideas are heard.  They need to be encouraged and more importantly appreciated. Momentarily they forgot their agonies.  We have to make it a point and pave way to make them permanently forget their agony and past.
The journey has just begun and path is full of challenges.  With the limited resources and several constraints, the creativity workshop was successfully conducted.  Obviously one such workshop will not give us the desired results. I am planning to conduct series of such workshops at KGNMT.  The intent is two folds – boost their self-esteem and nurture their creative talent. The more we encourage them the more they are likely to make an attempt to come out of their shell.  
I would like to emphasize the fact that unlike normal kids and students, the inmates of KGNMT is growing up in very challenging circumstances.  There is a crying need to support the inmates. Please take few moments to admire their talent.  Also feel free to share your ideas on how to conduct more meaning full workshops in order to ensure that they can lead normal life over a period of time.  I want to thank KGNMT staff and others for supporting me in my endeavors.  My special thanks to friend to Mr. Jai Shankar, who sponsored the workshop. Without your support the mission will be unfinished.  I am counting on your continued support.


  1. Ravi, it was all your effort. I did not do anything. My support will always be there.

  2. words cannot express your strength which lead to this initiative; our support will always be there
    ratna rao

  3. Excellent Ravi.. Will contribute some thing from my side