Saturday, 25 January 2014

Scaling new heights despite disability

Arunima Sinha

Scaling new heights despite disability

Arunima, first female amputee in the world to have conquered Mt. Everest, has set her eyes on highest peaks in seven continents

Arunima Sinha’s story of grit and glory started on the railway track. And, it took her to the world’s highest peak. Coming across as any other regular youngster, Arunima can influence anyone by narrating her life experiences. The first female amputee in the world to have scaled and conquered Mt. Everest was in the city on Friday to address women managers of various corporate firms.
Titled ‘TAF Leadership Programme,’ the event was organised by The Atlanta Foundation (TAF).
“Lying in the hospital with an amputated leg and serious injuries, I decided to play the toughest game of my life which was climbing Mt. Everest,” said Arunima, who was a national level player of volleyball and football prior to the accident.
Arunima had lost her leg in April 2011, when she fell off the running Delhi-Lucknow train after a scuffle with some thieves. She spent almost four months recovering from the accident during which she got prosthetic legs.
Surprisingly, she climbed the Mt. Everest in May 2013 exactly two years after the incident.
Elaborating on her 28-hour mountaineering journey, which included reaching to Mt. Everest and returning back to the base camp, she said, “From the beginning the toughest part was not to convince myself that I can do this but rather was about convincing others around me. Even on the day when I set out from my base camp, the accompanying local Sherpa was hesitant to accompany me.
“As we were nearing the summit, we encountered a lot of problems, my artificial leg was giving me problems as it was bleeding heavily. I was also low on oxygen in the cylinders that we were carrying. The only thing on my mind was to be alive till I hoist the tricolour on the summit.”
Passion drives her
Having given inspirational talks to more than 1.5 lakh youngsters after her successful expedition, she has a strong message for youngsters. “These days, youngsters lack serious aim in their life and the passion to achieve it. They seem to be straying because of which some of the suicides are taking place.”
On her future plans, she said that she wants to climb all the highest peaks in the seven continents of the world.

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